Friday, November 28, 2008

The Tropical Paradise-Maragogi

Yes you can have a dream tropical vacation, compelte with fresh local seafood, your own beach, genuine service and locals who haven't been exposed to too many Americans, and lodging at one of the most quaint places on earth for just over $200. I kid you not. We stayed at Pousada Barra Villa,
one of the most unique-shaped buildings that added to the richness of this exprience. Since its only late spring there and the locals come out on the weekends, we got the pleasure of full attention by the very awesome staff and the owner Lulu, each side struggling with the language and swapping speaking lessons.
We did it all-explore all 14 beaches on sand buggies, went looking for a manatee and made friends with one, snorkled, scuba-dived, explored the local villages, got rescued by a boat full of hot scuba-instructors, swam, ate, swam, and ate some more! This is where I truly started feeling relaxed and on vacation, not a thing to worry about, and each day brought forth new adventures. The locals really made an impression on me, with their care-free way of living, regardless of their income, still able to enjoy the beauty of their country and just taking it one day at a time.
One of my traveling buddies, Taryn, gave me an idea to my new mantra: pura vida, or pure life. In order to live what you believe a pure life should entail, it all starts with your approach and outlook on life in general. Just keep in mind that the world is greater than you and the problems that might seen huge at first glance, are really just minute and transient compared to what the rest of the world has to offer. I just take myself back to the underwater and the fish once I feel the pressures of modern life closing in on me, and dismiss it as not worthy of my stress.

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