Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rear of Rio

Day 1 started and ended with a bang. That is to say I drank too many caiprinhas at the carnival (who would have thought they're so damn strong?) and don't quite recall making it back to the hotel room, much less passing out. To my upmost horror I woke up at 10 am next day totally missing my first brazil sun-rise. So of course I jump out of bed, quickly throw on the bathing suit, and out to the beach I go. Considering that it's right across the street, at least no efforts were wasted. According to the locals, coconut water is a good way to recover, and when you add some sun, sand, and waves, I spend the day trying to establish a base tan. Copacabana turned out to be a pretty good beach, and though it was Sunday, not too crowded, friendly merchants (maybe a little too persuasive). Sergio and Jon got just a little too excited about a swim and almost didn't return to us! After a good lazy bake we later explored the famous Ipanema beach, which was packed with ass and briefs everywhere! Yes the rumors are true, the butts here are beautiful. I had the most interesting hot dog, topped with egg, green peas, relish, ketchup, mustard manoic root powder and other interesting combinations of foods that all made a pleasant taste together. After few more coconut waters and some mango ice-cream, I was finally released from the prison of a bad hang-over.

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