Friday, November 7, 2008

favorite things about brazil so far...

we are in the little village at our resort now, pousada barra velha. its day 6 i think, although im starting to loose track of days or time. so far everything is going beautifully. here is what i truly love about this country:

1. beaches. water is tropical warm and inviting here. rio had slightly colder water and huge waves that knock you out, so swimming here is much easier. we have such a variety of beaches, but best part is our own private beach at the resort. were the only ones here!!!

2. feeling of safety and peace. everyone was so concerned about our safety and i psyched myself out thinking someone would for sure rob us. in rio we just had to watch each others back but no attempts of any kind were made. in fact the tourists and locals walk around in lots of jewelry and flashing their stuff. here in the coastal village there is absolutely no crime, and people dont lock their doors. its a little primitie, a very simple lifestyle here.

3. the service. there is such unpretencious service and locals are truly nice. not in that overboard american way nice, but helpful and put up with our inability to speak portuguese and rowdiness. the staff at resort is just amazing, servicing on us hand and foot. never ever ever had such customer service satisfaction.

4. fresh seafood. we paid $5 each for lobsters, and each one of us got 3-4 lobsters. with side dishes and drinks, my meal last night came to $12.5. that includes dessert and alcoholic drinks. i mean WTF?!!!

5. coconut water. they punch a little hole in a coconut and you drink the water inside, then break coconut and scoop out the white tissue. second favorite drink is graviola, a fruit juice.

6. worry-free life. no ever here stresses about anything and life is very laid back. i finally let it all go and am truly relaxed!!! yes there is poverty here and yes there are economic hardships, but people manage to survive with out worrying about every little thing (like i do).

7. butts. yes its true, most beach-goers wear thongs and men wear speedos. and do they have ass! my theory is that the african origin influence plus all the meat they eat adds to the voluptous size of their butts. now of course not everyone is in superb shape but there is no hesitation to wear a thong no matter what size you are! i am still working up the courage to get into one.

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