Sunday, October 26, 2008

what makes one a world traveler?

I have been pondering over this for some time now as I'm getting ready for my first South America trip. Most of us love to travel, and of those that travel outside of the US, most likely consider them-selves a world traveler to some extent. and yes its a very subjective definition, but what makes one a true world-traveler? How many languages would you have to be sufficient in? Which countries have visited? What length spent on each adventure? What remote villages have visited and how many natives be-friended? These are the thoughts occupying my cerebral cortex at this moment as I'm sitting here in the ER pretending I'm working when I'm really dreaming about becoming a solid world traveler. Develop my taste for particular cultures while allowing my perspicacious nature to be developed. Eventually I will get to that state. My experience so far is a good stepping stone and now being on the brink of a sweet adventure to fulfill a childhood dream, one can only smile and count the days down! The voracious spirit in me will be finally pleased!

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