Wednesday, October 29, 2008

next stop Recife and Maragogi

After the 3 day stay in Rio, next will be a stop in Recife (pic on right), a coastal city more modest than Sao Paulo. Recife is the 5th largest metropolitan area and is located on the Atlantic, where Beberibe and Capibaribe Rivers unite. Recife means "reef" and it has a feel of a "Brazilian Venice". The stay here will be short however. Just enough time to take in to take in the wonders, hit the Boa Viagem beach and leave with a lasting impression of nearly naked Brazilians basking in the sun. This city brings the richest culture due to traces of native Indians, Portuguese settlers and black slaves, also the Dutch.

A ride on the hotel bus will bring us to Maragogi, the tropical paradise complete with clam-wave beaches, huge natural pool Gales, coconuts and sunshine. Here I will spend a significant portion of my time being a beach bum, hanggliding, learning to flirt in Portuguese, and of course working on my tan. This will be my Caribbean/Brazilian adventure never to be forgotten. Loding will be right on the water! Can one ask for more?

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