Tuesday, October 28, 2008

first city to be trampled upon

On Nov. 1, as the plane will be landing in Rio, I will be scoping out Christ the Redeemer and praying that he will keep us safe on this trip. As everyone knows, Rio has an extraordinary crime rates, and a tourist is susceptible to muggings, narcoterrorism, or random acts of violence. The murder rate for 2007 was 37.7 cases for every 100,000 people. One does have to take into account that the city population is about 12 million, so its no a surprise for such a metropolis. The police are not very prepared to take care of tourists and contribute to the crime as well. I knew I should have taken some self-defense classes! This will be my opportunity to test my kickboxing skills if the situation calls for it. All I ask is that I return with all my limbs intact. But I have all the faith that all will go well.

We will spend three days here while lodging at the Rio Othon Palace. And yes, 3 days is insufficient to truly take in this magnificent city, but good enough for initial exposure and a decision on weather I will ever return. Plus having a native Brazilian with me the whole time is bound to make life easier!

The best part will be the practice carnival held during our stay. As fantastic as it would be to observe the actual one in January, watching hot Brazilians parading around in exquisite outfits at the Sambadrome will be quite entertaining and memorable.

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